Thursday, February 4, 2010

"what each of us must do

...who each of us must be"

Governor Patrick concluded his recent State of the Commonwealth Address with a story about young people in Brockton coming together in their schools, with compassion and invention, to meet the basic human needs of their fellow students —students with special needs. What the Governor recognized in those young people was a model for behavior we all might follow in our communities.

"The point is this. In a city as hard hit as any by the economic crisis, these young people did not sit around wondering and worrying what to do and who was going to do it. They didn’t accept that they were powerless. They saw a need and met it, and found power in service itself. And through that not only have they inspired me and many others, but they have built a better, stronger Commonwealth.

Brick by brick. Block by block. Neighborhood by neighborhood. Town by town. That is what each of us must do. That is who each of us must be."

You can read the Governor's speech here, or watch it through the video above. But most importantly you can take the message to heart. That better community we can build and become... it's built brick by brick —by us.

Get involved. Get informed on the issues, talk (and listen) to your neighbors and friends.

Here in our own community, just like all around the country

—us, Democrats... "we don't quit."