Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Congratulations to Martha Coakley

Congratulations to Martha Coakley and all her supporters on her primary win.

Every Democrat in this state has reason to be proud of the candidate we've advanced to the general election.

Visit her website if you want to learn more and become involved in the campaign ahead.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new senator, searching for definition.

In the next few months something important is going to be decided in Massachusetts. We are to choose a new United States Senator. It's a decision that is going to have meaningful implications —for the country, for the people of this state, and for our own community. We've already seen a field of candidates step forward, and in the short time between now and the December 8th Primary Elections and the January 19th General Election these candidates will be working to find every opportunity to describe their stands on the issues, their different ideas about government, and each their approach to the current problems and future decisions that will ultimately impact on our lives.

Whether "into politics" or not, as citizens it's our job to hear the candidates out and make informed voting booth decisions in the months ahead. But there's another half to that democratic equation. What the candidates have to say matters greatly, but so does their ability to hear us. Their speeches and public statements are supposed to inform our decision, but what we have to say should inform them just as well.

That's why the Holliston Democratic Town Committee is asking this question:

What matters most to you as you consider your choice for a new U.S. Senator?

We are posting this question here on this blog and we want to hear from the people of our community in response. As a committee we are still working on ways we might communicate the responses we get to the senate candidates, ultimately to whoever becomes our next U.S. Senator. Whether it's the policy particulars of healthcare reform or the broader values message of American foreign policy, we thinks it is worthwhile to get people voicing their concerns and convictions from right here at home.

We want to hear from you.

With this as a forum we intend to educate whoever it is who comes to represent the Holliston community in the U.S. Senate —about just what that job entails. We might learn a few things from each other in the process.

So here's what we ask. Share your thoughts on the subject of "What matters most to you as you consider your choice for a new U.S. Senator?" Post it as a comment to this blog. We're not looking for candidate endorsements or campaign talking points so much as your own perspective on the issues we face and how we should face them, what being a Senator who truly represents you in Congress really entails. Keep the comments concise, constructive and respectful (we do reserve the right to take down comments that aren't) We want this to be a useful forum, spread the word, offer your comments here and forward the link to this post to friends you think would (or should) be interested as well.

With this Senate race in mind and this forum as an idea, we hope to arrive on a clear message about our community. How we get there depends on you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Go to work"

Governor Patrick spoke to the Mass Democratic Issues Convention on Saturday, June 6th. We have the speech linked here: Part I and Part II. It's well worth the few minutes it takes to take in the whole message, but you can sum it up with what turned out to be the last line of the speech. It's time for us all to "go to work."

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Just a reminder folks. The upcoming state convention will be voting on The Democratic Party Platform.

The platform hearing process will be continuing through March and this year there has been a real effort to open that process to more rank and file participation through local public meetings and online access to the working draft.

You can go online here to review the working draft and offer your own comments and suggestions.

I did.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yes we can, but still we gotta...

Remember, as the old saying goes, all politics is local. And this coming week we hope to see some of that in action.

The Holliston Democratic Town Committee will hold a caucus of registered Democrats at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 7th, in the Town Hall selectman's meeting room (703 Washington St., Holliston). The purpose of this caucus is to elect delegates to the June 6th State Democratic Party Convention being held this year in Springfield. The business of this year's convention will be to define and refine the party's platform and to workshop on policy issues and political involvement. The scheduled keynote speaker just might have some knowledge on these subjects; from grassroots organizing to progressive activism and political accomplishment: David Plouffe, campaign manager for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, has some demonstrated skills and valuable insight well worth hearing more about.

The theme we keep hearing in politics these days is the notion of what "we" can accomplish when "we" work together. Voting for people with an awareness of this is the first step—the next is participating in the process, and doing the hard work of actually defining agenda and setting priorities. Yes, we can get elected. We've shown that. Now is the time to show that —yes, we can lead, as well.

This summer's convention is open to all Democrats. The caucus on February 7th is to elect voting delegates to the convention. To be eligible, one must be a registered Democrat as of no later than December 31st of last year. The caucus proceedings will begin promptly at 11:00 and interested Democrats are required to arrive at 10:30 for sign in, as this is required by rule to participate.

More information is available on here or by contacting Holliston DTC chairman, Bob Cassidy at or (508) 429-5685 .