Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...and our work goes on

"Although our campaign ends tonight, we know that our mission continues and our work goes on.

I am heartbroken at the result. And I know that you are also, but I know that we will get up together tomorrow and continue this fight, even with this result tonight, because there will be plenty of Wednesday-morning quarterbacking about what happened and what went right, what went wrong.

And I know that everyone, including me — I am brutally honest on my own performances— we will be honest about the assessment of this race. And, although I am very disappointed, I always respect the voters' choice. And that's what I told to Scott Brown tonight. And, again, we wish him luck in his public service.

Anyone who's been out on the campaign trail, particularly in this race, has seen the anger of folks who are frustrated, concerned. They are angry about health care issues, and they're angry about our two wars, our inability to properly care for those who return home after fighting.

I had hoped, in the best interests of our state and the country, to go to Washington to address these issues. I hope that, as a nation and as a commonwealth, we can do better in the future."

~Martha Coakley

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