Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Democratic Successes, 2021-2022

Share Our Successes Ahead of the Midterms!

With the support of a slim Democratic majority in the House and of a handful of common-sense Republicans, the United States under the Biden Administration has benefitted from ground-breaking legislation. Here are just a few highlights to help as you spread our message of hope and prosperity for all. To continue our upward progress, it’s critical that we maintain or expand our House majority and retake the Senate!

The Inflation Reduction Act

  • Lowers health care costs, including reducing annual premiums for 13 million Americans by $800.
  • Enables Medicare to negotiate drug prices for first time.
  • Caps seniors’ out-of-pocket prescription drug costs, including insulin.
  • Makes historic investments in clean energy to help families save on their energy bills and create new jobs.
  • Strengthens U.S. energy security and moves us closer to meeting our climate goals.
  • Establishes a minimum corporate tax and cracks down on billionaire tax cheats.
  • Does not increase audit rates or taxes on those making under $400,00 per year.

The American Rescue Plan

  • Improves vaccination, therapeutic, and testing access to ensure over two-thirds of Americans are now vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Provides over 160 million checks to Americans, expanding food and rental assistance and providing aid to thousands of small businesses.
  • Expands the Child Tax Credit leading to the largest-ever one-year decrease in childhood poverty in American history.
  • Provides funds for safe reopening of America’s schools and learning recovery (today 99% of schools are open for in-person learning).
  • Protects pension plans for millions of union workers and retirees.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

  • Provides billions in funding to repair physical and digital infrastructure.
  • Includes the largest federal investment in public transit ever.
  • Includes the largest investment in clean energy transmission ever and allocates funds to clean up energy industry pollution.
  • Creates hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and increase American competitiveness.
  • Emphasizes climate resiliency—protecting Americans from droughts, fires, and floods.
  • Strengthens supply chains and Buy American rules, resulting in the largest yearly increase in U.S. manufacturing jobs in nearly 30 years.

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

  • Breaks a 30-year streak of federal inaction on gun violence without jeopardizing gun ownership rights.
  • Requires enhanced background checks for people under 21.
  • Closes “boyfriend loophole.”
  • Provides funding for youth mental health.

In addition:

CHIPS and Science Act: Brings manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., accelerates and advances U.S. Tech Industry.

PACT Act: Provides care and benefits to veterans earned and deserved by veterans exposed to burn pits and toxins.

Violence Against Women Act: Reauthorized and expanded important protections for survivors of domestic abuse/assault that Trump had allowed to expire.

Check out more impressive stats at the White House’s Fast Facts: Record Firsts in President Biden’s First Year.

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