Friday, April 14, 2023

Local Elections Matter: Call for Registrars and Poll Workers

Protect My Vote sign held in front of US Supreme Court

Local Elections Matter! 

We’re seeing it across the country, and Holliston is not immune. Protecting the integrity of our elections is critical. Your town needs you!

Holliston Town Clerk Liz Greendale has asked Republican and Democratic Town Committees to provide a list of folks who are able to fill two critical roles in our elections. Please step up—election integrity is not theoretical. Our elections are secured by ordinary citizens working together. Needs include:

    1. Registrars

        Registrars encourage and make it possible for citizens to vote. They support Town Clerk staff on an on-call basis. Typically, they:

    • Provide support on the last day of voter registration.
    • Provide support at Town Hall when Town Clerk staff are at the polls.
    • Assist during ballot testing.
    • Step in to oversee recounts, if necessary.

      Registrars receive an annual stipend. Officers of either Town Committee may not serve as Registrars.

    2. Poll Workers

        Poll workers help citizens as they vote. Holliston Town Clerk staff provide training and start new workers in small roles until they feel comfortable. Typically, they:

    • Work a full day on election day.
    • Work shifts during early voting. 

        Poll workers may be paid or volunteer.

We are all busy. We are all worried about over committing. However, these functions are critical in ensuring Holliston elections run smoothly and fairly. Many hands make light work, so please step up and volunteer to help. Email HDTC Chair Cindy Burrow for more information or to volunteer for either position. Thank you!

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