Saturday, October 8, 2022

Mobilize for Midterms 2022

Get in the Game with Mobilize

With just weeks until the critical midterms, we need all hands on deck. It’s not a stretch to say that failing to act to elect Democrats is a tacit vote for Trump Republicans. There are many ways to get involved—large or small, in-person or virtual. It can feel a bit overwhelming to choose how to spend your volunteer time!

That’s where Mobilize comes in. Even without signing up for an account, by allowing the site to know your location and using filters you can get a curated list of volunteer opportunities that are perfect for you.

For example, if I happen to have this Sunday free I can get connected with all candidates and causes that will be canvassing within 20 miles of me. If My dinner plans fall through and I have an hour free unexpectedly, I can quickly find and join one of any number of phone or text banking events.

It’s pretty simple. Just:

  1. Go to Mobilize. 
  2. If prompted, allow Mobilize to know your location. (Or don’t—you can still find opportunities by manually entering a zip code.)
  3. Choose one or more of the visible filter buttons, such as “canvas,” “in-person,” “GOTV,” and more.
  4. Choose the “filters” button to refine your results even further, including by date and location.
  5. Interested in a particular issue? Scroll all the way down the home page for a comprehensive list of issues and choose the one you want.

Each result tile includes detailed information about the opportunity and instructions for participating, as well as an integrated signup form.

No more excuses! Turn that extra hour or afternoon into a meaningful contribution to democracy!

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